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Your family has or will accumulate wealth.
You now must manage and protect that wealth.
You must focus on three components:
Asset Protection
Estate Planning
William A. Wurch, as an attorney, CPA and business owner has focused much of his career designing family wealth protection plans that minimize income, estate and gift taxes, deter outsiders from attacking family wealth, and assuring that a senior generation's assets pass to whom and how they wish.


Your tax, estate and asset plan must combine the best elements of planning to lower your income, estate and gift taxes, protect you and your family's assets from disgrunted former spouses and business partners, creditors in higher risk types of businesses, and, simply, life's perils.  Yet, your plan must be relatively straight-forward to understand and implement.
William A. Wurch has spent many years building such plans for both U.S. citizens, and foreign nationals who are, or who wish to become, subject to U.S. taxation (or avoid U.S. taxation). His plans combine sophistication with simplicity.  His background as a CPA allows him to provide the necessary compliance to assure that the taxing authorities respect the plan, once implemented.

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