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When a small business, be it a startup or mature company, needs capital in today's economic climate, it finds quickly how limited are its choices.  To unlock other sources of capital from U.S. and international sources, that business needs an advisor with a unique blend of expertise and access.  Based on his years of work within the capital markets, public and private, William A. Wurch has that needed blend.

We assist you with the design of the capital structure needed -- debt or equity or a combination -- and to target the sources of that capital.  We then use our vast network of relationships with financial institutions, private equity funds and high net worth individuals to strategically match their requirements with your needs.

National Sources of Capital

A typical engagement involves,
  • Developing the financial model
  • Designing the capital structure
  • Preparing offering documents
  • Partnering with you to present to potential investors
  • Selecting the best financial partner
  • Documenting and closing the transaction

Local Sources of Capital

Our business strategy experts assist you to,

  • develop your business strategy to achieve your highest valuation
  • identify those key value drivers that require focus
  • identify those value "destroyers" you need to eliminate
  • develop the plan to achieve the desired valuation

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