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You and your business file many different kinds of tax returns: income, employment, gift and estate tax returns.  Each of these types of returns are complicated, and the business transactions and personal events that give rise to the need to file them are even more complicated.

To avoid unnecessary delays and costs, you need a combination lawyer / accountant who knows the law, the regulations and, maybe most importantly, the information the taxing authorities want to see on a return.

William A. Wurch has a Masters of Law in taxation.  The LL.M (Master of Laws) is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree.  That degree, plus his many years of experience in the field of taxation, indicates that William A. Wurch has acquired the advanced, specialized legal training necessary to qualify him to work in a multi-national legal and accounting enviornment.


Federal tax compliance / audit representation.


State tax compliance / audit representation.
WAWLAW provides the accounting, tax and legal services you need from payroll processing, employment tax return preparation, income, estate and gift tax return preparation, to run your small business efficiently and cost effectively.  And, if you do receive a notice from the Internal Revenue Service or a state taxing authority, that they question your return, or want to audit your tax information, then you need an accountant / lawyer who has many years of experience dealing with these authorities to guide you through the process, again, efficiently and cost effectively.
The Law Firm of William A. Wurch, PC
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